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Whether it is a large commercial installation or a garage door for your home, our service is second to none.

Why Use Us?

It doesn’t need to be a struggle to keep your home and family safe when it comes to garage doors in Sydney. The Select Garage Repair team makes everything a breeze if your garage door is showing some signs of wear and tear or even if it won’t shut at all. Get in touch with Select Garage Repair in Sydney, and we’ll have your residential or commercial garage doors locked up and working once again.
Remember, we’re affordable, reliable and experienced in just about every garage door issue, so garage door repair with us is effortless.

Quick Repairs and Replacement Services

At Select Garage Repair in Sydney, we make it our mission to be at your home or workplace as soon as we can be to get the job done. Our team boasts four decades of experience in repairing garage doors, and that means we’ve likely seen your issue before. We’ll have new parts ordered, or even a new door, and we’ll have everything installed right away.

Highest Quality Replacements

We know that quality can’t take a back seat for a garage door. It keeps your family and belongings safe, and it also needs to work for decades to let your car in and out of the house. That’s why we make sure to get our hands on all of the highest quality materials. We know the biggest brands and have partnerships with businesses all over Sydney, so the best of the best is a given.

Always Affordable

Without a doubt, our most loved feature is our affordability. We believe that garage door repairs shouldn’t come with a huge bill, so we make sure this never happens. We get on with the job quickly, reduce slowdowns and have everything done in a flash, so you can rest assured you won’t be paying through the nose for long hours.

Sydney Customers LOVE US

5 start rated for garage door repair in Perth and in Australia.  5 Star

As a homeowner, I know how important regular servicing of the garage door is. I gave Select Garage Repair a call, and they’re now routinely checking the garage doors on my properties. I haven’t had a single complaint – very happy with their work.

5 Star Review for Garage door repair in Perth

Charlotte, Surry Hills

I had to have my garage door repaired exceptionally quickly as I was going away on holiday, so I gave the team here a call. They had all of the parts and equipment already in their vehicle, so the repair took quite literally a few minutes. It was a great stress reliever, and it was affordable too.

5 Star Rview for Garage dorr installation in Perth, Western Australia

Ethan, Bankstown

Just some of the garage doors that trust our service


A proven leader in garage door repairs and related services for over 40 years.

Select Garage Repair is a Sydney company, born and bred. 

We’re Local

At Select Garage Repair, we’re entirely Sydney-based and owned, that means we know the city like the back of our hand, just like our customers do. We’ll find your home quickly, get our hands on local products and work to get your garage door fixed. Being a locally owned and operated business is why we’re so trusted here in Sydney.

The Experts

As you would know, there’s no point to taking a risk with a new garage door repair team who could do everything wrong! At Select Garage Repair, we have four decades in the field and know just how to get the job done right the first time. Once we’re done, we’re done once and for all, no callbacks and no dodgy workmanship.

All Brands on Sale

When replacing garage doors, our customers often like to choose a new style, colour or brand of their own – so we make sure this happens. We have hundreds of garage doors available to choose from in Sydney, so whatever you’re looking for, you can rest assured we’ll have it for you.

Additional FAQs

Do you provide quotes?

Absolutely. We offer free quotes to our customers who would like to know a little more about the project to come. One of the team may need to take a look at your door and assess, though this won’t take all too long.

Do you offer after-hours services?

Yes. If your door has seized up of stopped working late in the afternoon, early in the morning or late at night, give us a call. We’ll be at your home and ready to help with no problem at all, it’s part of our emergency service.

Does the repair process take long?

No. A vast majority of our customers have their door repairs completed within less than an hour, thanks to our experts knowing where to look. Sometimes repairs can extend to a few hours, or a day or two, though this is a rare occurrence.

How much should I expect to pay?

We aim to keep our repairs as affordable as possible, though the final cost will rely on your door’s conditions. Most of our repair costs fall within the $150 to $500 range, though we will let you know upfront if pricing will be higher than this.

Will new doors be covered by warranty?

Yes. A manufacturer warranty completely covers all of the new doors we install, so if there are any issues with your garage doors in Sydney after we’ve completed our job, give us a call.