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It’s no shock that we use our garage doors hundreds of times a year, and without the correct garage door service, you could be dealing with some pretty painful and bothersome issues. At Select Garage Repair, we offer ongoing and routine roller door services for our customers to keep their doors working for years to come.

If you’re noticing your door is being a little slow, sticking in one position while it opens or closes or is just acting out of character, give our team a call. We are an affordable servicing solution for garage doors in Sydney.



As you already know, there are hundreds of different garage doors and roller doors on the market, all with their own unique servicing requirements. With our four decades of experience in the field, you can rest assured that we will know exactly what to do regardless of the type of door. Whether you’re a residential homeowner or a commercial business owner we will know just how to service your garage door.


As a part of our streamlined process, we make sure that all of our teams are certified and well educated in how to do their jobs. It’s because of this that we are leaders in Sydney. Whatever the door throws at us, we will know exactly how to deal with it. There’s no need for a second opinion or a slow contractor callout. Sit back, relax and we’ll get on with the garage door service and repair for you.


If you’re having trouble with your roller door, or need a team on hand immediately, you can rest assured that our last minute services are great for you. Whether it’s day or night, you can rely on us to arrive within just a few minutes. We will have everything we need with us, so getting on with the job is expected from the moment we arrive.
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Ongoing Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than a garage door breaking moments after the warranty expires, so our ongoing maintenance services ensure that your door isn’t going to show any signs of wear and tear even well after the warranty expires. If you’ve had your roller door for a while, we highly suggest giving us a call.

Affordable Solutions

We don’t believe you should break the bank to have your roller door serviced, so we make sure to offer some of the most affordable solutions in Sydney. Whether we need to replace a few parts, or just tinker with a few pieces of machinery, you can rest assured that we will offer the lowest prices you can find.

Experienced Teams

If you’re looking for a team that you can truly hand off all work to, then we are the team for you. Once we arrive we will simply get on with the job and let you know once we’re done, there’s no need to give us a hand or wait for us to ask a question, we’ll know how to get the job done. 

What our customers say

“I had to have my garage door fixed late in the evening, so I called Select Garage Repair, and they were on-site at my home, ready to help in less than an hour. Just a few moments of tinkering and they had everything fixed. A great team to work with..”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Thomas, Campbelltown

Additional FAQs

Will the service take a long time?

Typically no. As this is just a service, you can expect the entire process to be done within less than an hour, although if we need to install or replace a few parts, we may need a few hours to do this.

What do you do in the service?

As you would expect, we make sure that our servicing process is as comprehensive as possible. We cover everything from servicing the roller doors motor through to the springs and door panelling that keeps your door well secured. If we noticed any issues or anything out of place, we will work to fix it right away.

Will issues be fixed on-site?

Of course. If we notice any problems that are fixable immediately, we will absolutely do this. You can expect any minor issues such as creaking, or tagging springs to be repaired or replaced without a hitch. Once we’ve completed the service, you will spot that your door works far better than it did before we arrived.

Does the service cost a lot?

Unlike the installation of new doors or the replacement of existing ones, the servicing price rests heavily on your circumstances. Because of this, we cannot provide an outline, though one of our technicians will let you know on site after a short assessment of what your pricing should be.

Is the opener service included?

Of course. As the garage door opener is an integral piece of machinery, we will take an in-depth look at this every time we offer you a service. What this means is that we will likely test and find potential future issues and take care of them in our garage door service in Sydney.

Common Problems

Not sure if you need Garage Door Servicing? Here are some reasons why it’s important:

Need it repaired now? Select Garage Repair is here to help!

Garage Doors Age

Like everything in your house, garage doors age – the only problem is that it’s easy to forget! From a build up of rust to housing and motor issues there is a number of things that we can fix now to stop a disastrous fault.

Loose fittings

Did you know a garage door is used around 1000 times a year?? With all of these vibrations it’s easy for parts to become loosened over time. Don’t let it catch you unaware – an expert eye is critical to spotting these issues.

Slowing motor

Over time a garage or roller door motor will slow – putting added strain on the chains and springs. The cause of this is usually a build up a rust and weakening of fixings. Call now and avoid replacing your motor.

Maintain your warranty

Most new garage doors come with great warranties – however this can become void if you’re not getting regular Sydney garage door services.  Don’t lose out on your warranty, get your door serviced today.