Industrial & COMMERCIAL Roller Doors Sydney

Whether it is a large commercial installation or a garage door for your home, our service is second to none.

Add value to your property with a new roller door.

For our business customers, we offer a proprietary commercial overhead door repair in Sydney that is streamlined and efficient enough to keep your business going without a hitch. Don’t suffer through slow operations, or risk leaving your business open to thieves through your roller door, give us a call today.

Reach out to Select Garage Repair and we will have your roller door assessed and repaired within just a day or two.




In a business setting, we understand that there is nothing worse than major slowdowns caused by roller doors blocking your loading dock. We offer an incredible ‘get it done’ attitude which means that whatever we have to do, we will have it done as fast as possible. If we notice the task can be done in a single day, we make sure it is done the same day.


Although the majority of our jobs are confined to residential doors, we know the ins and outs of industrial doors too. Having worked for 40 years in the industry, we are more than capable of understanding and repairing these doors without a hitch. It’s because of this that our commercial customers find our process stress free as well as incredibly affordable.


We are often required to repair a wide range of different issues for our commercial customers, these extend from minor dents, through to complete electrical and motor failures of the overhead doors. If you need us to replace the entire roller door or take a look into the electrical components, we are able to do this without issue. Leave your repair to the experts
Perth Roller shutter garage door and concrete floor outside factory building for industrial Perth background.


Get your Garage or Roller Door repaired today!

Select Garage Repair is a Sydney company, born and bred. 

New and Old Door Repairs

A vast majority of our commercial customers have had their roller doors installed decades ago, which means that we are required to locate a suitable replacement. With our citywide partnerships with manufacturers, we are able to quickly determine the doors make and model and have a new one produced ordered in just a couple of days. Once arrived, we install and replace all necessary parts, leaving our customers with a brand-new roller door.

Preventative Services

If you’re concerned that the roller door is on its way out, don’t wait for it to break entirely before giving us a call. We can undertake preventative servicing which could save you from a broken door or a costly replacement service. Without a doubt, it’s in your best interest to get on top of a damaged door before it becomes completely irreparable.

Ongoing Servicing

As expected, a number of our industrial customers use their roller doors hundreds of times throughout the week, this means that ongoing maintenance is essential. At Select Garage Repair, we offer in-depth and comprehensive servicing solutions that look for problems before they become a major issue. It’s a supportive maintenance service that all businesses need.

What our customers say

My experience with Select Garage Repair is probably the best and simplest process I’ve ever had working with any business. Customer service was very timely compared to other companies. I am thoroughly happy with every aspect of this experience and I would recommend this company to anyone wanting the benefit of receiving wonderful customer service!!

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Daniel, Mount Druitt

Additional FAQs

When can you begin?

We make it a priority to arrive on-site within a few hours after our initial phone call. We realise how important commercial operations are, and the importance of the roller door’s functionality to those operations. If there is a slow down apparent, or if a business is at risk, we will work as efficiently as possible to solve the issue.

Will repairs take a long time?

It’s difficult to say without having an in-depth assessment, though you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get your repair completed as fast as possible. If we need a second opinion or the help of all of our team members on-site, we will make sure this happens. Once we understand exactly what is ahead for your door, we will let you know the timeline.

Are roller door repairs costly?

Although commercial roller door replacement and repairs are more costly than their residential counterparts, you should not have to spend more than $1500 for a typical repair. However, more accurate pricing may need to be determined by a team member on-site.

Are ongoing services thorough?

Absolutely. All of our maintenance services are designed to take a look at everything relating to your roller door. The services are designed in such a way that they prevent almost all major issues from occurring.

Will you provide in-depth quotes before you begin?

Yes. Our commercial customers with larger repair jobs will be provided with a deep insight into the processes that are about to unfold. All of our commercial overhead door repairs in Sydney come with a specific cost list and plenty of information on where your money has gone with regard to repairs and new product installation.

How we help 

At Select Garage Repair we know how crucial your industrial garage door is to your Sydney business? Here are some of the ways we help:

Need it now? Select Garage Door Emergency Repair is always available!


Keeping your industrial garage door serviced is one of the most important jobs we do. Like everything, garage doors age – this leads to a number of costly problems from loose springs to dying motors. Regular servicing helps avoid future problems.


Are you tired of your old, malfunctioning or ugly commercial door? Spruce up your business and replace your industrial garage door today. Select can have your door installed in less than 1 day!


Industrial Garage doors take a lot of wear and tear. And (unless regularly services) it’s common that they eventually break down. That where our pros come in. We provide quick, effective and affordable repairs in Sydney. Don’t be stuck!

Maintaing Warrenty

Did you know most industrial garage doors come with comprehensive warranties? Which is great for your Sydney business unless it becomes void. Avoid this by having your door routinely checked maintained.